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I would love to serve you! I feel strongly that Jesus wants me to teach through my words- written or spoken. Here is what I have for you:

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My stats:
Heath's wife. Will, Micah and Lydia's mom. Traveler. Home maker (ish). TV watcher. Crafter. Natural birth advocate. Spanish speaking wannabe. Minivan driver. Teacher. Organic shopper. Beach lover. Mosquito hater. (ok, BUG hater.)

I don't always love my life, but I try so hard to be grateful.










photo credit: molly lawson

my crew

oh this family! they keep me on my toes and remind me that this journey is not my own. not a bad reminder...

photo credit: molly lawson


I'd love to join your retreat, or conference, or event. I have a passion to teach women and students. And my sweet husband is a great addition for a marriage something. And don't get us started on missions...! Just contact me above and we can get it rolling!

Also, I've written this prompted journal. Just a little avenue to get you face-to-face with Jesus. Contact me and get yours for $8. And,of course, I'll ship for a bit extra.

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