February 19, 2016

Just take a few minutes and soak in these pictures. My parent's 50th anniversary surprise party. I can't believe we pulled off this thing. I can't fathom that no one blew it or my lies, upon lies, upon lies, were not discovered.


When you are a military family, you pick up friends from lots of places and then watch them move on. The beauty of my parents is the ability they have to maintain relationships. I mean, 45 years of friendships. That, too, is a legacy. This weekend- from this Saturday morning brunch to the end of Sunday afternoon, was a perfect representation of hard work, grace, perserverence, and laughter.


What a great celebration, of two great people, and 50 great years, with their great friends. I am so... grateful.


** So much love to:


Molly Lawson at E. Bea Photography for capturing it all

Tomelex and Melissa Copeland for the amazing food

Ady Perryman at Floral Creations Charleston for the stunning table arrangements

Lee Anne Bellamy & my mom's Bible Study girls for the desserts





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