i voted.

February 22, 2016


So the South Carolina Primary... yeah. Today I look to Jesus and realize it will be ok. It has to be. I also had this moment in the shower when I began to feel grateful. Honestly. This is what I'm thinking about:


I am grateful...


That my family could safely walk and ride bikes to our polling location.


That when I got there, it was open and I was not turned away because of my skin color, my political party, or my gender.


 My vote actually counts. It doesn't get thrown away or left out.


For the women who made this possible, generations before me, so now my DAUGHTER can one day do the same. It's not just about today.


That when I was 18, I registered to vote in my GOVERNMENT CLASS in the Fairfax County Public School System. (Why don't they do that everywhere? How easy is that?)


I grew up in a place where the National news was my local news and the importance of politics and government and history was a thread of who we were and what we did.


That my parents vote.


My candidate just lost. He doesn't go to prison or into exile. (This came from Marco Rubio on the CNN Town Hall Meeting. If you haven't watched them, find them on youtube. They are excellent and should be done for every election.)


For the interest my children have begun to show in this privilege.


And with excitement, they stopped playing with their friends to go with us to vote and thought it was "so cool!" 


And for their interest in different candidates, because they have taken the time to listen and watch.


My identity and my security and my help, is not in any of this, but in a God who loves me, knows my future, and makes good out of everything. (Thanks Pastor Greg. I have come to know that after every election, you will bring perspective, honesty, hope, and healing to your people.)


The truth is, even in my gratefulness, I'm bummed. And frustrated. And super confused. But I'm leaning into thankfulness and grace and a future that is so much bigger than this.




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