dinner with one.

February 24, 2016

It's not often that we have just one kid. But when we do we joke about two things: 1. Why did we think one was SOOO HARD and 2. Why did we have more?


The other night the Middle and the Princess went to a birthday party. Which, by the way, is a really funny combination. I don't know about other families with three kids, but our second two have a hard time getting along. They love each other, at least I think they do. They say they do. But sure don't act like it. Arguing, picking, tattling... oy! So when a friend invited just the two of them, I had to laugh.


So that left us with just the Oldest. 


We let him pick a restaurant for dinner. Well, we sort of let him pick. Even at nine, we have to throw out options. If not, we end up at Moe's. Every.Single.Time. The kid could eat there for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. And he is no "kids eat free" kinda kid. He is passed that and eats like a man. A lot of times, MORE than my man. It's amazing. 




We went to Boxcar Betty's. A local joint here in Charleston. They do chicken tenders. Great ones. Good quality sandwiches and a salad option. Killer fries and the sweet potato fries are like dessert! Short menu. That's always a plus with some indecisive members of the crew. However, they have added a fried Portabello steak filled with Pimento cheese. Wow.


Anyway. Again.


We sat down to eat and I was excited to have some conversation with just him. Will really is a great kid. He is super considerate and concerned. He is a strict rule follower and really wants to get life right. He is a sports ADDICT and memorizes stats and score and figures. (Kinda annoying.) But he has also grabbed onto his sarcastic side and can take a joke and dish one and is learning to do it appropriately. It gets so fun.


At a recent family dinner out, we watched Will INHALE his food. (Not his most attractive quality.) And when he was finished there were remnants ALL over him. I made a comment that "you should never take a girl here on a first date." (It was probably Moe's.) This statement has sparked the most fun teaching moments with the boys. Everytime we go out or I make something new, we have a discussion about whether or not it will suffice a first date or any date, for that matter.


Tonight was no different. We discussed variety of food, cost of two meals, the messy factor, and ease of conversation. These are the litmus for ranking a date-worthy establishment. We discussed what a total bill would be, including tax and tip. How to tip. Not to be cheap. That a girl wants to see her date being kind to those serving them and never date a girl who's rude to a server. If she's rude to him or her, it's only time before it's you. The topic of table manners always comes up: slow down, close your mouth, don't chew like a cow, finish your bite before you talk... and by the way, that's not a bite, that's half the sandwich. (Future date/wife, we are working on it. Really. I'm hoping he will get this down in the next decade.)


And then came the girl conversation. Partly because, that day, the Middle gave a girl a ring! Seriously?! And I didn't know about it until I was a Target, with the Princess, getting popcorn, which we never do, and the sweet little girl was there, with her dad, I introduced myself to him... and HE told me about the ring! STOP.IT. I was mortified and he wasn't excited about it. Lawd. (Just an update: as I was writing this, the Middle announced, "You can all know that I have an ex-girlfriend now." It was lovely while it lasted. Three days.)


So I wanted to know if Will had known about this. Because the boys talk a lot about life and Jesus and girls. I love overhearing them on those days. But Will knew nothing and began to make his thoughts known on the topic: Micah was too young. So we decided to ask him about girls. My head was screaming, "PLEASE! NO! NOT YET! Buuuuttt... if it has to be anyone, let it be..." 


"No. I only have girls that are friends. I don't think I even understand what it means to have a girlfriend."




It's so funny that that's all I wanted to know. The rest of the conversation was like the Peanuts teacher, with lots of deatils about Social Studies and math... but no girls! Wahoo! 


I wish we had more times like these. When both of us get time with one kid. I'd love to make it a goal, but then I probably wouldn't make it and then feel guilty and like there was "one more thing" I didn't accomplish. So I'll just call it a fun night. Full of laughter and selfies... he wanted to take selfies. I like this kid. Super glad he's ours.





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