he can do anything.

February 29, 2016

I wish I could have a conversation with the 20 year old me. There are so many things I would tell her, but the main one? "He is so much better than you could ask for or imagine."


My husband. Ephesians 3:20 fulfilled in my life. Waayyyy better than all the dreams or lists or late-night-girl-talk marathons. And sometimes, I feel like he can do anything. Even the things that I want to do really well. 


Last weekend it was the van. I don't even know what all was going on under there, but it took all day. He stopped to make lunch for the kids, to walk our family to vote, and this...




To teach the Princess about the oil... pan... thingy... and other whatcha-ma-callits having to do with our mode of transportation. She even got to slide on under and look at all the goings on. And then he raised the seat on the Minnie bike to get her situated for optimal ride-a-bility.


It was lovely.


But then...


You know what happens, when someone is filled with a confidence from Jesus? Other people follow. Not because they are demanding or loud or perfect or powerful, but because they lead well. With a quiet, intriguing certainty. It comes from making mistakes, falling down, and refusing to stay there. It comes from watching and learning from others and having a teachable spirit. It comes from knowing Jesus and who you are in light of Him. And the Princess sees that and wants to follow. Right behind. Talking all the way.


And that's Heath Forbes. The mostly gentle, largely quiet, usually confident man that leads us. He's not perfect. For. Sure. But, lawd, I'm grateful. And so glad that we get to ride bikes behind him.

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