why i'm not scared.

March 10, 2016

Several years ago, our friends let us borrow the "John Adams" DVD miniseries. AMAZING. It orginally aired on HBO and chronicles the rise to political power of our second President. It depicts the struggle and sacrifice it took to settle the concept of the American government.


In the last few weeks I have found myself thinking about John Adams. And all I can think is, "I canNOT imagine what he would be thinking about this election!" I'm fairly certain that this was not what the forefathers had in mind as they risked everything they had for the inception of this country.


Oh this election! Opinions are flying on social media. Workplace conversations get heated. Even my kids have chosen their favorites... and their not-so-favorites. Overwhelmingly, there is concern in the air. A feeling of fear. And those who are looking for a new country in which to inhabit.



This is why I'm not scared:


Prom dresses? Yep.


It's really not about the dress, but because The Church is alive and well. And by "The Church" I don't mean the walls of a building. We do have a TON of those, for sure, around here. (This is the Bible Belt.) But that's not it. I'm really talking about the people. The people within the building who see a need and decide to figure out a way to meet that need... with gusto.


Dresses for 600?



Accessories and shoes?




Check. Check.


Complete with hair and makeup...



And a seamstress on hand...

 All of it.


This day happens because schools have prom and some girls can't afford it. Cinderella Day is one of the biggest events hosted by the North Charleston Dream Center. A day when high school girls can feel like princesses and The Church can do what it is called to do.


Here's the deal: I don't have to worry about what the government will or won't do, if I know The Church is doing what it's designed to do. There is A LOT of extra pressure put on our government that does not have to be there... Because The Church. What if we can do it.


You don't have health care? We have a free medical clinic on Tuesdays and Thursdays.


Single Parent household? Try our e3 mentoring program. We are empowering kids, one-on-one and changing statistics as we go.


Need clothes or food? The Dream Closet or Dream Pantry can help.


Single mama, with kids, and no place to go? The Dream House and Maia Moms can offer a hand up.


Legal services, Celebrate Recovery, Divorce Care, post-abortion care, Adopt-A-Block, back packs and schools supplies... the list goes on. 


If you have a need, it can be met. AND if you have a skill, it can be used. It's a symbiotic relationship. Two organisms that can't live with out each other. A living, breathing person who needs help...meets a living, breathing Church that can do it! (Good ol Wild Kratts comes through again.)


Listen, I know that's not all there is to the government. There is National security, immigration reform, foreign policy, gun control, and bunch of other issues The Church can't tackle. But there are 350,000 churches in America! 350,000! What if each one did their part, in their community, with their available resources? It would be life changing and life giving and WAAAYYYY more effective that government policy.


Fear happens when there is misunderstanding and loss of control. So look around, pay attention, plug into the needs of your community, understand what needs to be done, join The Church where it is already working. Do something.


"All the believers were together and had everything in common. They sold property and possessions to give to anyone who had need." -Acts 2:44-45



Photography credit: Lee Anne Bellamy



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