the wink.

March 17, 2016

So I got up this morning to write you something. I had nothing. And then the Princess woke up and this happened:


 At first, this was just funny and silly, but something began to sit in my soul about this:


Her perception is that she is winking. She's not even close as we can plainly see. But her perception is her reality. And nothing I can say will change her mind.


Isn't that my life?


Sometimes I know I am soooo right. I feel it. I know it with all I am. But what the other person sees and feels and experiences is completely different than what I am seeing and feeling and experiencing. It's still my reality. It's still where I live.


I don't want to go super deep on this one. You're smart and you see where I'm going. Take a moment... today... tomorrow... and step outside of your perception and sit in someone else's. Be quick to listen and slow to speak. Pay attention. You may be missing a wink. A really cute wink.


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