time well spent.

March 21, 2016

Some Fridays I have off from my preschool job. This Friday was one of them. After I met a friend to hammer out some wedding plans, I searched for a coffee shop in the area where I could write. What I thought would be a regular coffee shop, was actually a beautiful tea room called "Time Well Spent." I'm sure my server was not expecting me to bust out my laptop, but it was quiet, the Island Tea was amazing, and the asparagus quiche was delicious! (Yes! I ordered quiche! Read about that here.)  And I was alone. As I was sipping and typing, I felt like I needed to let you know what's going on with me and how you can get involved.


*The Gospel Pack.

Missionaries, Sunday School Teachers, Small Group Leaders... get ready! I am partnering with #scripturedoodle (an amazing company!) and Kelly Bollman (an amazing artist!) to bring you an interactive coloring book that walks step-by-step through the Gospel. We are praying it will cross all cultural, gender, socioeconomical, and language barriers, so it can be used in ANY ministry in ANY country. It is designed to use with a group or one-on-one, over several weeks or on a short-term mission trip. We are so excited about this and hope to bring it to you in the next few months!



* Psalm 16 Devotional.

I'm headed back to Sri Lanka! Yay! Our team leaves in August and, as it always seems to work, funds will need to be raised. Keep your eyes open for my Psalm 16 devotional. I'm praying that Kelly Bollman's art and my words will draw you to Jesus and your contribution will send our team to Sri Lanka. This will be available in April.


* Draw Near Retreat.

Ladies, one of the most important things we can do for our marriages, our families, our professions, ourselves, is to take time out and Draw Near to Jesus.


Once again, the great team at #scripturedoodle is giving you that opportunity. With a weekend away. Breakout sessions, Supper Club, Holy Yoga, and I've heard the speaker is ok (yup, me). There is an early bird registration until the end of March. Get your friends together and get there. It will be great. Because you will be there.


* Bible in 90 Days

Join me- and my amazing accountability team- as we read the Bible in 90 days. The whole thing. I'm sure there will be some blogs about what I'm learning in the next few months, so it would be awesome if you were following along. You can find the reading plan on your youversion app or right here.


Ok... I think that's it. Jesus has a bunch around the corner and I'm so grateful to have your eyes on my words right now. Really. I feel privileged you think this is time well spent.

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