boys vs. girls

April 4, 2016

I would like to introduce you to the past 36 hours of my life:


These three boys.


I didn't have brothers growing up, so the phenomenon of boys is still a mystery to me sometimes. They argue and forget about it. They are drama-less and without manipulation. They are WAY louder than I expected and can really giggle. Their slumber parties are called sleep-overs and all they need is a PlayStation and some popcorn. Well, a lot of popcorn, and I ran out. They fall asleep-eventually- get up, and do it all again. They want to keep playing and hanging out and laughing. (And while I was writing this, they captured a turtle.)


Then the girls.





































They are half the age of the boys and twice the... spunk. Yup. Spunk. The Princess talked about her friend all morning and when she showed up, no longer wanted play. She didn't want to share her baby dolls and didn't want her to play in her room. But the dress up began! One outfit after another... and another... and yet another. And the culmination?! Breakfast with Belle! A local high school is putting on Beauty and the Beast in a couple of weeks and this was a fundraiser for their drama department. It really was great. (And I could tell the Princess has spent some minutes at Disney. She kept asking for autographs and pictures and where the other characters were.) The girls did so great and loved every second... then we got in the car. “Keep your feet off my dress!” “You are NOT playing in my room today!” “She is not being very niiiiccce!” Lawd.


So we will keep guiding the boys in how to have community. I know that it's not always cool and popular to have close guy friends, but Heath will model it and we will cultivate it and provide opportunities for the boys to deepen relationships.


And we will encourage emotion and eliminate drama with the Princess. Emotion is ok, drama and manipulation are not. I will model healthy, true, lovely, supportive, non-competitive relationships and teach my daughter the importance of kind words and a servant heart.


Just praying it all works out...

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