draw near.

April 8, 2016





adjective  cre·a·tive   \krē-ˈā-tiv, ˈkrē-ˌ\

Simple Definition of creative

~ having or showing an ability to make new things or think of new ideas





Creative. Somewhere along the way we have changed the meaning of this word. Creativity has become relegated only to painting or writing or scrapbooking or goodie bags at a 4 year old's birthday party. And that leaves all of you super creative math minded, organized, methodical, computer proficient people feeling as though you don't measure up, or fall short, in this department. The one thing I have learned living with an engineer is creativity takes on many different forms. It's not only about what you produce, but how you think, and process, and look at the world. Creativity is truly amazing if you take it down to it's purest form.


The Creator of the Universe- who had the ULTIMATE ability to make new things and think of new ideas- formed you. Don't you think He wove a bit of the same into you? I mean He did make you in His own image, right?


Draw Near. A Creative Worship Retreat. Ladies, we will gather together with this idea in mind: finding new ways to know Jesus better and sitting in the realization of all the creative ways He pursues us. That's it. You don't have to be a master artist or an eloquent speaker or the perfect Pinterest mom. You just have to want to know Him... more.


Join us in October. THIS is your personal invitation.

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