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April 12, 2016

I love juicing. Really love it. It's like making baby food, which was also a life changing experience for me. There is something about throwing a bunch of flavors in together and coming up with an entirely new concoction that is completely satisfying to me.


Whilst I was in Sri Lanka last year, we had freshly squeezed juice each day. Pineapple, orange, mango, watermelon. Amazing! I decided I needed that when I got home. My lovely teammate suggested a particular juicer and Amazon agreed. Another teammate then spotted it for $50 on a buy, sell, trade page in the Charleston area. Wahoo!


Behold! I juice! And I want to share it with you:

Make sure you line the "pulp catcher" with a plastic bag. It will make cleanup soooo much easier. Maybe another day I can show you the veggie stock I made from my frozen pulp.

Cause I'm THAT much of a homemaker.


Let me introduce you to my most favorite recipe.


6 or so Carrots (cut off tops!). 3 Green Apples (quartered!). 1 Lemon (peel it!).

2"-ish Ginger (cut off skin!). That's is. Throw it in the juicer. Sandwiching the lemon between the apples helps get the most juice out of that bad boy.


Because of the type of juicer I have, when filling the jar with the juice, I try to not leave any air around the lip. (It's pretty scientific and that's not my thing, so...)

I place the 16oz jar on a paper towel and fill it to overflowing.

But just by a bit, because I REALLY don't want to waste this liquid gold.


Lovely. No filter on this! This orange is just too pretty for a filter!












Some Cleanup elements:

Have your soapy water ready to drop the parts and pieces in for easy washing. And the pulp is easily transported to compost or freezer or trash.


So... big deal. I can make juice. Well, for me- actually- it is a big deal. Because I am an undisciplined person. Doing something consistently and healthy, over a period of time is very new- and very difficult- for me. 

For the past two years, my word has been "discipline." You know what I mean by "my word?" The one thing I want to work on and change in my life? In 2015, it bombed. But this year has looked different and juicing is one of the baby steps I have taken into the world of routine and schedule. (Just seeing those words on the page makes me want to break out into hives.) 


I'll share more about my journey of disciple as the year fades on, but for now, it just juice. And it's good.



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