January 26, 2016

"That man's truck looks like daddy's Tahoe."

"Where is he going?"

"What's he going to eat for lunch?"

"What are we doing after nap?"

"Do I have dance today... or yesterday?"

"When do the brothers get home?"

"Will they play outside?"

"Can I play with them?"

"If it's not raining?"

"Is Target your favorite store?"

"Do I have school tomorrow?"

"What time is Daddy coming home?"

"Did you see that lady's high heels?!"

"Is she a boy or a girl?"

"Did you know boys can have pony tails, too?"

"Can I wear high heels when I'm a kadult?" (That's "adult" in her world.)

"Can I get popcorn?"

"What's for dinner?"


"Mom. Mommy. Hello?"


"Lydia. Can you stop talking? For just a minute?"


"No. Tomorrow I will, though. Can I stop tomorrow?" word. It is so exhausting. SHE is so exhausting.  It is one question after another and it never seems like the answer is good enough. And there is always another question for the answer I give. I feel like it is never going to end. Ever.


Before you send me a message and remind me that it will end, that I don't have much longer left with the Princess, and I should cherish all these times... I know all of that. I have seen it with my older kids. I am sad that the Big doesn't use a blanket anymore and that I really have no intelligent say in the Middle's clothing choices. I remember the sweet bedtime prayers and handprint art and pushes in the swing. There is quite a bit I hang on to as I reflect on the 9 short years of being a mom.


But the tired stuff, and the hard stuff, and the blah stuff, interrupt the sweet memories. 


And then Jesus gives me this glimpse of what Big Girl Princess will be like and I get so excited.


She observes and notices... and not just high heels, but the people in them. If he is sad or she is busy or if she has a grandchild- based on her grey hair and the cool Doc McStuffins toy in her basket. ("Excuse me, ma'am. Are you a grandma? Is she a girl or a boy? And what aisle did you get that on?" Well played, sister.  Well played.)


She is not nervous to speak to anyone or standup for herself or remind people of her convictions. She encourages big and loves hard and does it all with finesse and style.


I'm also looking forward to a healthy, strong, argumentative relationship with her as she gets older. I can't wait to see what happens with US. With mom and daughter. I want to enjoy her as a teenager and adult.



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